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January 19, 2012 / Kate

Monkey Bread Made by Monkeys and a Capownie Redux!

First off, I love the name Capownie. It’s like the sound Batman’s fist makes when it hits you. Capownie! Ehem, well, anyway… I know the blog’s not as lively in the winter — it is the Summer of Pie after all — so I’m hoping this news livens things up a bit. I’m making Capownie, AGAIN!

Faithful readers will remember that last year I fulfilled a lifelong dream of making a real dessert turducken. It took me five days after work and late into the night, and I swore I’d never do it again. Until last November. Apparently, time heals all wounds or maybe I’m just super crazy, but I had this lightbulb idea: Cheesecake! I will add cheesecake to the Capownie. It always bugged me that the bottom layer of Capownie had the proper turducken-style three layers of dessert, but the top only had two layers. This year that will be remedied!

Will it work? I have no idea, but you can find out with me as I try to blog daily about it while I make it. A few brave, insane souls have requested the recipe and I’m hoping to put up some good detail pics and videos of the process. Stay tuned the week of February 6 for the big Capownie baking event. It’ll be just like the Oscars, only with more butter and less celebrity schmoozing. Although, if you know some celebrities, feel free to send them my way (suggestions from friends have included: The Packers, Alan Rickman, and Jake Gyllenhaal — I’m sure they’re all foodies). Hey, Capownie’s pretty unique to the world and you can only score a slice here, I’d totally come if I were a celebrity.

While I prepare a detailed battle strategy for taking on this year’s Capownie challenge, here’s a quick, fun, very non-Capownie recipe I made with my six-year-old nephew this weekend — he loved being able to do it himself. It’s called Monkey Bread (no, I don’t know why) and the only things I changed were slicing the biscuit rounds into six, instead of four, pieces; upping the cinnamon to 2 rounded teaspoons; and coating the biscuit pieces in two batches, instead of cramming all of it in the bag at once. Enjoy!


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