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May 26, 2015 / Kate

Capownie #5: The Trinity

Capownie 5 cross section closeup

You may have noticed that this blog stops abruptly in the middle of 2012, just to be clear, I didn’t die. Honestly, there was no particular reason, life got busy, it’s an unpaid blog, it’s a lot of work, I was tired. I’ve kept it live because there are a lot of fun recipes that I really did work hard on. Heck I still reference these, they’re damn good and that’s a completely biased opinion.

Anyway, in the meantime I’ve been painting murals, I got a great new job, and I still bake. Admittedly, not as much pie, but I have recently made Capownie for the FIFTH insane time, and it’s only gotten crazier. It’s the “I took vacation days from work to make it” kind of crazy. So even though I haven’t posted in a (long) while, I thought I’d share.

For those keeping score at home, it now has a third layer! Officially the contents of the cake are:
Top Layer: Cheesecake inside apple pie inside vanilla cake
Middle Layer (new!): M&M cookie bar inside cream pie inside red velvet cake
Bottom Layer: Brownie inside cherry pie inside chocolate cake
With vanilla buttercream between the layers and caramel buttercream covering the outside of the cake.

You can read the historical documents regarding the creation and inspirations for Capownie, or you can marvel at the 7 page recipe (Three Layer Capownie Recipe), or you can just shake your head, and back away slowly making no sudden movements. It’s crazy.

At this time I don’t have plans for regularly posting any more recipes, but that could change, you never know. I do very much appreciate everyone who’s supported this blog, written about it, shared it, and made nice comments, I hope I’ve contributed something fun to the foodie community. Thanks for reading, and I wish you many excellent desserts!



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  1. depthofmyfield / May 26 2015 10:50 pm

    so glad you’re back!!!!!


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